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Gamers will now be able to access the Task Manager on Windows 10 in a simpler way: the new Xbox Game Bar update includes a widget called “Resources Monitor”, which gives access to open processes without leaving the game or closing the application. The function supports games and other software, such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

The novelty is part of the updated Xbox Game Bar widget menu, which also offers the possibility to download third-party extensions. To access the software, just press “Windows” + “G” and check if the resources tab is already available. The processes opened in the system and the respective consumption of the computer’s resources are displayed, as well as an icon to close them quickly.

“Resources” tab gives access to Task Manager via Xbox Game Bar (Image: Playback / Windows Latest)

The function was initially made available in September to members of the Windows Insider Program, and is gradually being rolled out to more users. To download or update the Xbox Game Bar for free, visit the Microsoft Store page by clicking here.

Fonte: Windows Latest

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