This Italian village has only two residents – but both wear masks and keep their distance


This Italian village has only two residents – but both wear masks and keep their distance

They live alone, isolated, but do not risk it. They say they are afraid of the virus and love life too much.

They are an example of those who take the coronavirus extremely seriously – even in a case where the risk is low. Two residents, the only ones, from a small village in Italy, say they are so afraid of catching Covid-19 and are so passionate about life that they prefer not to risk it: they only wear a mask and always keep their distance.

Giovanni Carilli, 82 and Giampiero Nobili, 74, are the last inhabitants of the small town of Nortosce, in the Umbria region. According to “CNN Travel“, they are the only residents of the small Italian village, but they are not taking any chances when it comes to complying with the country’s strict Covid-19 rules.

Retirees wear masks whenever they meet and insist on staying a meter away, despite the fact that they have no neighbors and rarely leave the isolated location.

When the pair meet for an espresso at Carilli’s house, they stay at a table two meters long, one at each end. “I’m terrified of the virus,” Carilli told CNN Travel. “If I get sick, I’m alone, and who would take care of me? I am old, but I want to continue living here, taking care of my sheep, vineyards, hives and orchard. Hunting for truffles and mushrooms. I enjoy life ”, he explains.

Italy has recorded a significant increase in coronavirus cases and has implemented strict rules, which include the mandatory use of a mask in public spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Nobili tells the channel that, in addition to wanting to protect himself, he thinks it would be disrespectful if any of them ignored the rigid measures put in place during the pandemic, despite their exceptional circumstances.


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