This week in “Terra Brava”: Afonso is arrested and Eduarda leaves home


In court, the judge reads the sentence: Eduarda is suspended, while Afonso is sentenced to eight years in prison. The boy’s lawyer decides to appeal. At home, desperate, Xana’s husband ventes to Diogo and says he wants to kill his mother, while his brother tries to reassure him. At the farm, Eduarda asks Martim not to leave with Beatriz, promising to do everything for him. The boy demands that she leave the estate and leave everyone alone, accusing her of being mean and making everyone suffer. Eduarda leaves, furious, and decides to leave the estate for good. But when she leaves, she reminds the child that nothing that is said about her is true and still accuses Beatriz of putting her grandson against her. Upon arriving at the hotel, the villain spreads everything she brings in her suitcase across the room and cries with anger. The next day, Henrique goes to the scene and tells Afonso that the judge wants him arrested immediately, because there is a risk of escape, since he has a scheduled trip to Bali. Beatriz accuses her mother of having warned the judge about her brother’s trip and the boy ends up being taken to jail.

Diogo decides to denounce the villain
The soldier goes to the estate to speak to Beatriz and see if she is well, leaving her emotional. Then he talks about Eduarda’s video with the lawyer and assumes that he published it. Beatriz thanks you.

Gabriela tries to attack Pleasures
Out of her mind, Catarina’s mother argues with her ex-mother-in-law and wants to hit her, eventually saying goodbye. Elsa asks him to stay, but the chef puts chairs on the floor and leaves. Later, when Prazeres prepares to expel her from home, Gabriela presents him with a report that says he suffers from explosive disorder.


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