Three cars involved in a violent incident. Shots probably fired. Four people arrested.


The police moved out to Høybråtenveien on Sunday night. Three cars have been involved in an incident of violence, the Oslo police write on Twitter. Four people have been arrested.

The police found empty sleeves here in Høybråtenveien. Photo: Hans O. Torgersen

Two of the cars must have driven from the scene. According to the police, one car was stopped at Ellingsrud with four people in it.

Police write on Twitter that shots were probably fired in connection with the incident, and that an empty shell was found at the scene.

Four people have been arrested in the case. At 23:00, the police are still at the scene and conducting technical and tactical investigations.

No one was injured, police said.

– We were notified at 20.43 that a bang had been heard in the area. It was unclear for a long time what had happened, but then we found two empty sleeves, says operations manager Christian Krohn Engeseth to Aftenposten.

When the police arrived at the scene after the first report, one car was found there.

– Two other cars had driven from the place. One was stopped by a patrol at Ellingsrud. There were four people in it, and they have now been arrested, Engeseth says.

– Are these known to the police from before?

– Yes. We link this to a conflict between two groups.

A witness tells Dagbladet that three cars stopped in the middle of the road. It must then have been a handshake.

It must have been shot at one of the cars. The police task force leader at the scene, Thomas Broberg, confirms that there is damage to the car found at the scene.


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