Three installments and profit sharing: as is the proposal for Santos to sell Soteldo | saints


According to a document sent by President Orlando Rollo to the Santos Fiscal Council, Al Hilal’s offer is US $ 7 million (R $ 39.54 million at the current price):

  • US $ 5 million (R $ 28.2 million) in cash, upon transfer;
  • 1 million dollars (R $ 5.65 million) on 7/15/2021;
  • 1 million dollars (R $ 5.65 million) on 10/15/2021.

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Soteldo celebrates the goal scored against Coritiba – Photo: Geraldo Bubniak / Estadão Content

In addition to the financial values, Al Hilal also offers Santos 30% of the profit that the Arab club may have in a possible future sale of Soteldo.

Example: if the attacker is sold in the future for R $ 50 million, R $ 10 million more than the proposal made today, Peixe would be entitled to 30% of this difference. In other words, Santos would have R $ 3 million.

Now, Santos awaits the decision of striker Soteldo, who made a counter proposal to Al Hilal and awaits a response.

On Wednesday, Santos’ advisers meet to discuss other matters, but the sale of Soteldo, should the striker enter into an agreement with Al Hilal, will be on the agenda.

– Photo: Disclosure


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