Three of the six detainees in the hashish seizure have Identity and Residence Term – News


“The PSP Metropolitan Command of Lisbon, through the Criminal Investigation Division, within the scope of the police operation that culminated in the arrest of the 6 individuals for drug trafficking, announces that the measures of coercion of three preventive prisons and three Terms of Identity and Residence, with no contact between defendants ”, reads in a note issued tonight.

The Lisbon PSP had announced this afternoon the seizure of a ton of hashish on Friday, the biggest seizure made by this unit in the last decade, in the context of the ‘Nomadic Process’ operation, which has been going on for three years and under which 10 kilos of cocaine and 50 kilos of hashish have also been seized.

In the statement sent to the newsrooms, it is also read that “with this intervention, the PSP dealt a severe blow to the criminal structure that would have control of the trafficking and sale of hashish in several cities in mainland Portugal and islands, since the value of seized drug will be valued at more than 3 million euros ”.

During the press conference that took place this afternoon in Lisbon, Commander João Prisciliano explained that these approximately 2 million individual doses have a value of 3 million euros for the buyer of the batch, which means that they would be worth more when reach consumers.

“This nomadic process has been going on for three years and focused on the criminal activity of this group with an impact in Lisbon, but with links to other cities and also to the islands,” said Commander João Prisciliano during the presentation of the operation, which has been going on for three years and under which 10 kilos of cocaine and 50 kilos of hashish had already been seized.

To these quantities are added the ton of hashish seized in two vans on Friday during an operation that took place on the A2.

In addition to the ton of hashish, around 350 thousand euros in cash and six high-capacity vehicles, a revolver and a watch valued at 250 thousand euros were also seized, said commissioner João Prisciliano.

“This operation started three years ago and, in the form of a pyramid investigation, it went up until it reached the main dealer, who led us to this apprehension,” said Commissioner João Prisciliano, concluding that the drug was likely to have come from the north of Africa.

The figure now released is much higher than the number of doses that had been presented this afternoon in the initial statement of the PSP, which pointed to “the biggest seizure in the last decade, with 158,200 doses of cocaine”.


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