Three out of four with symptoms; Maddie? Secret meeting


A pandemic this Tuesday continues to be one of the themes highlighted on the covers of national newspapers.

THE Morning mail reveals that there are homes without staff to treat the elderly and that, given the seriousness of the situation in the country, hospitals will refer patients not Covid for the private. Also highlighted in this publication for an alleged secret meeting to try to find Maddie and the story of a nurse who raped a bedridden elderly woman, 90 years old.

I o Public realizes that to declare a curfew in the country, it is necessary to declare a state of emergency. While the Newspaper gives a ‘handful of exceptions to travel during the Dead ‘, at a time when it will be prohibited to move between councils.

The newspaper i also makes a great highlight with the pandemic gives Covid-19, indicating that three out of four new infected symptoms, which means that the number of patients asymptomatic is regressing, and reveals that there are restaurants serving meals to students with covid-19.

We sports, highlight for the victory of Benfica against the Belenenses SAD, on Monday night, and the return home of cyclists João Almeida and Rúben Warrior, the heroes of the Giro.

Check the covers in detail in the image gallery.

Morning mail

– “Secret meeting to find Maddie: English and German police at the judicial branch “

– “Pandemic: Homes without staff to treat the elderly: seven thousand workers out of the promised 15 thousand “

– “Hospitals will refer patients not covid for the private “

– “Mask on the street should be mandatory as of tomorrow”

– “Benfica-Belenenses SAD (2-0): Gold on blue “

– “Elections: Bernardo points to Vieira: ‘Benfica needs change'” “

– “Champions: Sérgio shoots Federation: ‘Olympiacos will play fresher ‘”

– “Prosecution: Nurse suspected of raping bedridden 90 year old”

– “Christmas Shopping: Customers can exchange gifts 30 to 45 business days after 25 December

– “Conquest of Space: NASA announces discovery of Water on the moon’s surface “


– “Mandatory curfew can only exist with a state of emergency”

– “Companies: Hiring collective will give priority to accessing support “

– “Investigation: NASA confirms presence of Water in the illuminated part of the Moon “

– “Government vs. BE: The war of arguments for a non-agreement”

– “House prices fall for the first time in five years”

– “Benfica scored the fifth victory in five games in the I League”

– “Telephone between the White House and Brussels stopped ringing”


– “Number of dogsmaras discounted at IRS doubles in ten years “

– “Champions League: ‘Fundamental’ to win the Olympiacos in the public’s return to the dragon “

– “Benfica 2-0 Belenenses SAD: Eagle keeps distancesnces

– “Covid-19: Handful of exceptions to travel during the Dead “

– “Hospitals: Minister says the situation is serious and admits recourse to private individuals”

– “Bloc voters want an agreement (68%) with the PS in the Budget”

– “Pedrógão: Mayor accuses MP and Judiciary of ‘bad investigation’ “

– “Porto: Project turns hospital into homes for the elderly “

– “Carlos Daniel: Pandemic and savings in the start of ‘Is or is not’ “

Jornal i

– “Pandemic: Three out of four new infected have symptoms “

– “Restaurants serve meals to students with covid-19″

– “Houses of Pedrógão: Valdemar Alves calls himself a ‘clear conscience’ “

– “Azores: Elections leave Vasco Cordeiro and PS in bad shape”

– “Galp shows a loss of 45 million in the first nine months of 2020 “

– “Burnout: University professors are exhausted or fatigued”

– “The history of Jair Arantes do Nascimento, the younger brother of Skin

– “Britney Spears: Fans create movement to free singer from her father’s tutelage”


– “Azores gives Costa a shake in the midst of a budget storm”

– “Lawyers and solicitors will pay higher quotas to the social security fund”

– “Galp assesses production of biofuel in Matosinhos “

– “Government buy law and transfers 35 million less tomaras

– “Low-cost” funds give thrashed to the big ones “

– “Aviation: National airports reverse recovery in September

– “Banking: Goldman sees BCP as the target of Santander or CaixaBank

– “Radar Africa: Will another story start for Angola’s oil? “

– “Construction: Sacyr Somague sells subsidiaries in Africa for 33 million “


– “Benfica-Belenenses SAD (2-0): Darwin always open: Uruguayan shines in 5th consecutive league win “

– “Benfica: Elections 2020: Bernardo Silva breaks the dishes and asks for change: ‘Benfiquistas are fed up with lies and schemes’ “

– “FC Porto Olympiacos: ‘It is not decisive, but it is very important’, Sérgio Conceição points to two wins in the next two games “

– “Sporting: Varandas says that the future is guaranteed: ‘Recovery of the formation is concluded'”

– “Back to Italy: Welcome home”

The game

– “Benfica Belenenses (2-0): Fifth avenue: Five games, five wins: Seferovic and Darwin scored the goals that keep the reds calm in front “

– “FC Porto-Olympiacos: ‘It is essential to win both games at home’, Sérgio Conceição “

– “Sporting: João Mário is to play in half”

– “Famalicão: The second youngest team in Europe”

– “‘There are more talents like us out there’, João Almeida and Rúben Guerreiro, heroes of the Giro, arrived yesterday in Portugal and look with optimism for the “

The ball

– “Benfica-Belenenses (2-0): Prego in depth: Five victories in a row at the beginning of the championship only 38 years ago with Eriksson

– “FC Porto-Olympiacos: To sigh for Luis Diaz e Otávio

– “Audience back to the dragon”

– “Sporting: Amorim looking for the 2nd best start in 5 epochs

– “Cycling: The return of heroes”

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