Thursday: Toledo registers 19 cases, 36 recovered and 01 deaths due to the new Coronavirus


Unfortunately, the municipality of Toledo again registered a death and a considerable number of cases of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), this Thursday (08). In total there were 19 more cases, 36 people recovered and one death caused by the disease. The data were released in the late afternoon through the daily newsletter of the Municipal Health Secretariat and the Emergency Operations Committee (COE).


The city of Toledo again registered a death caused by the new Coronavirus this Thursday. The death was the victim of a 56-year-old woman, who presented the first symptoms of the disease on September 23 and tested positive for the new virus on September 25 through an RT-PCR test. The patient was hospitalized in an Intensive Care (ICU) bed, and died in the early afternoon.

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The COE and the Municipal Health Secretariat showed their solidarity with the bereaved family and friends and stressed the importance of maintaining preventive care. For this reason, use a mask covering the entire mouth and the entire nose, wash your hands frequently with soap and water or 70% gel alcohol, keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters from the others and avoid crowding.

New cases

On Thursday, 19 more cases of the new Coronavirus were reported in Toledo. Among them, 11 were discovered in the Unified Health System (SUS), and eight were identified in the Private Health System.

Of the 11 SUS cases, 10 came from RT-PCR exams (06 female and 04 male). Another case was also detected by means of a rapid test, affecting a female person.

In the Private Health System there were eight cases, five of which were diagnosed through RT-PCR exams (03 female and 02 male). Another three cases were also diagnosed by means of rapid tests (02 male and 01 female).


The big news of the day was the high rate of people who entered the newsletter as recovered from the new Coronavirus. Altogether 36 more people were cured and now the municipality has 5,491 residents who defeated the disease.

Bed occupancy rate

In the coverage area of ​​the 20th Health Regional of Toledo, there are two hospitals that have exclusive beds for the care of patients who contracted the new Coronavirus.

The first one is the Hospital Beneficente Moacir Micheletto, in Assis Chateaubriand, which has 14 infirmary beds, six of which are occupied and with 14 ICU beds, of which nine are occupied.

The other Health Unit in the region to have exclusive beds for the care of Covid-19 patients is the Bom Jesus Hospital, in Toledo, which has 24 ICU beds, of which 10 are unavailable.

The total bed occupancy rate at the 20th Regional Health Area is 42.86% of the infirmary beds and 50.00% of the ICU beds. The data are equivalent to patients hospitalized in the region until 11:00 am on October 8.


At the moment, the municipality of Toledo has 11,563 cases notified for the new Coronavirus, with 5,603 of them already discarded and 109 still under analysis. In total 5,851 residents of Toledo tested positive for the new virus, 5,491 are recovered and 292 people are still active with the virus, in addition to 68 lives lost due to the disease.

Currently, 30 citizens of Toledo are admitted to hospitals in the municipality and the region due to complications caused by Covid-19. Of these, 14 are in nursing beds and 16 are in ICU rooms.


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