Tiago Abravanel says that relationship with Silvio Santos was ‘almost null’ in childhood


Tiago Abravanel opened up about his relationship with his grandfather, Silvio Santos, in a special video for Children’s Day, celebrated last Monday (12). The actor said that he rarely saw Silvio in childhood, and explained that the owner of SBT worked more at the time than today.

“[A relação era] almost null. When I was a child, my grandfather worked much more than he works today. I almost never found it. Once in a while I had a trip, sometimes we went to the theater all together. In childhood, I had much more contact with my paternal grandparents “, he said.

Tiago, who is the son of Cintia Abravanel, also said that he never suffered bullying because of the famous grandfather, but that he realized that some people approached him out of interest.

“I did not suffer bullying, but my sisters and I understood who was approaching out of interest, who wanted to meet Silvio Santos, to go to his house. But it was nothing that would harm our life,” he explained.

Check out the full video:


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