Tiago Leifert on the birth of his daughter: ‘I’m going to run out’


The presenter could not contain his smiles when he mentioned the arrival of the puppy and even joked that The Voice team is already prepared for the birth of the daughter:

“She can be born at any moment, right. And if I’m recording, I’m going to run, I’m going to leave the studio, I hope you understand. And then Telózinho, Iza, they play. Lulu, Brown, they play and people will turn around later “, he said.

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Daiana Garbin on daughter’s birth: ‘It could be anytime’

Recently, Daiana Garbin shared some videos on her Instagram Stories and said that her daughter was not yet born.

Married to Tiago Leifert, the journalist is expecting a girl, who will be called Lua. In the images, Daiana appeared wearing a green dress and made a point of showing her big belly.

“Several people asked on live if the moon has already risen. No! It is kept here in the oven. And the size of my belly, people?”, She said.

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Then the writer confirmed that the little girl could be born at any time.

“I’m 37 weeks old. So, calm down, you are more anxious than I am. If she stays here until the age of 40 she will go until the 28th. So, there are a few weeks. But, from now on, it can be anytime” , he stated.

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