Tiago Leifert talks about being a dad at any moment: ‘If I’m recording, I’ll run away’ | 2020


The new season of The Voice Brasil debuted with a lot of emotion! But this is not the only novelty in the life of the host of the program Tiago Leifert – he’ll be daddy! Leifert and his wife, Daiana Garbin, are pregnant with a girl who can arrive at any time and who will be called Moon.

In an interview, he commented that the pregnancy completed nine months on September 28 and now it is just waiting, which makes future dads even more anxious. But Tiago guarantees that he holds the emotion and that he was trained by The Voice, since there he has to deal with many emotions with each new episode of the program.

Tiago Leifert comments on fatherhood and emotion in ‘The Voice’

“They always ask me, ‘Oh, are you going to be more emotional?’. You can’t do that anymore, right? The Voice Brasil is already over the limit.

The presenter could not contain his smiles when he mentioned the arrival of the puppy and even joked that The Voice team is already prepared for the birth of the daughter:

“She can be born at any time, right. And if I’m recording, I’m going to run, I’m going to leave the studio, I hope you understand. And then Telózinho, IZA, they play. Lulu, Brown, they play and people will see you later “.

Tiago Liefert and Daiana Garbin celebrate 9 months – Photo: Danilo Borges

In addition to the four coaches of this season, Tiago has the support of Jeniffer Nascimento and also summoned the presenter André Marques to hold the tips in an emergency! You can see how the team of this program is united, right? 😍

See everything that happened at the premiere of the program:


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