Tired of the corona and Donald


It will last until next year. It is almost unbearable for someone who in his job is dependent on meeting other people. I intensely miss the chat with my colleagues in the editorial office and the daily visits to the Storting.

Lunch with good sources and interesting meetings in associations in the evening.

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The working day has become poorer. There is no need to hang your head. The corona measures are absolutely necessary. Rather isolated than dead.

I probably have not missed so much news by sitting at home. The news picture has been filled with two things: Donald Trump and the corona. Norwegian media have never followed an American election campaign as closely as this time. Never has the election campaign been so skewed as now. Just about everything has revolved around the loser favorite Donald Trump.

It seems that the newsrooms will make up for the fact that in the last election they ignored that Trump could beat Hillary Clinton.

Tuesday, Donald is probably history. Then we may also hear what the new president Joe Biden stands for, and what America we can expect in the coming years.

I’m certainly not the only one who’s tired of hearing about Donald Trump. We are also many who have gotten a little tired of being pumped ears full of the corona and constantly new infection control measures.

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It’s just to persevere. The corona pandemic has picked up again. We’re almost where we were in March.

At that time, the authorities hit hard almost blindly. They luckily hit. The virus was shut down. Unfortunately it came back. This week, the government and the city council struck again.

In Oslo, a home office has been mandated. We will not be more than the family and five more people in private company. During the week we must not meet more than ten people. Mouthpieces are mandatory on trams, buses, subways, bars and public places. Otherwise, the same applies to keeping distance (meters), washing your hands and being at home when you are sick.

It’s not worse. Yet many have become angry.

They say they do not understand the rules and why we should have them. You are pretty weak in mental arithmetic if you can not count to five or ten. It is almost unbelievable that the laughers have not realized that the corona is life-threatening. Compared to all other countries, Norway is in a favorable situation. This is because we live in an elongated country where people do not live close together. But first and foremost, it is because we have up-and-coming health authorities who know their visiting hours. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

The political support for the measures is not as strong as it used to be.

The opposition has begun to move. They want the Storting to be more involved. It is a reasonable democratic demand that Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Minister of Health Bent Høie should comply with. They appear as “sun kings” once a week and tell the people what they think the people are entitled to know. A friendly press asks some harmless questions.

The government should cut some of the press conferences and instead go to the Storting to get broad political support for the measures. Press conferences are convened when you have something important to announce to the public. They were a success for the government in the beginning. Now they are about to become a staple around the foot.

The corona pandemic has put a damp hand on the work in the Storting.

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The work on the state budget for next year is going well enough as it should. But it does not bounce off the process. The support party Frp will not challenge the government in a way that could lead to a government crisis.

It will not be understood by voters at a time when the corona is dampening economic activity in most industries. The country has an unemployment rate that we have not had since the interwar period.

The municipalities are struggling financially. On Thursday, Minister of Local Government Nikolai Astrup (H) told a press conference that the government is allocating an extra NOK 7.3 billion to the municipalities in the 2021 budget to cover extraordinary corona expenses in the first half of this year. It will slide easily through the deliberations in the Storting. The question is whether or not the opposition will demand more. The pandemic has so far cost a lot. Next year there may be more.


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