TO controls rabies of herbivores


A team from the Agricultural Defense Agency (Adapec) carried out activities for the control of animal rabies between 13 and 20 October in 18 rural properties in the municipalities of Rio dos Bois, Guaraí and Bom Jesus do Tocantins. Hematophagous bats were captured, the main transmitter of the disease in rural areas, monitoring and registration of shelters, as well as guidance to rural producers.

This work is continuous and occurs in several regions of the State, both meeting demands and evaluating suspicious places already registered. “We are vigilant, as we know the importance of preventing disease that can also be transmitted to man,” said the agency’s agricultural defense inspector, José Veloso, emphasizing that vaccinating animals is the most effective prevention.


In 2019, Adapec acted in the control of rabies of herbivores in 55 municipalities in the state, where it carried out 482 active surveillance, providing guidance on zoonosis to more than 1,000 people and training for another 473 people. 1,199 hematophagous bats were captured, with the monitoring of 92 shelters and the registration of another 98 new ones. There were 17 outbreaks registered.


Farmers should be aware of the symptoms of the disease in the animal, which is transmitted by the blood-sucking bat. The symptoms are: isolation from the rest of the herd, apathy, loss of appetite, abundant salivation and difficulty in swallowing. As the disease progresses, he has disordered movements, muscle tremors, teeth grinding, lateral decubitus and death.

The Agency warns that the producer must avoid direct contact with animals that show nervous symptoms. Any doubt or denunciation in relation to agricultural defense, the producer can also contact, through the Hotline at 0800 63 11 22.


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