Together, Gloria Pires and her daughter Cleo surprise social networks: “What an impression!”


The actress Gloria Pires showed, once again, that she is a “mother drooled” by her eldest daughter, the actress Cleo Pires.

No Instagram, Gloria Pires usually shares records of professional and family life. This time, on Instagram, actress, 57 years old, published a tender photo, in which he exchanges a gesture of affection with his eldest daughter, Cleo Pires.

“Love that cannot be measured!” Exclaimed Gloria Pires, in the image caption, shared this Saturday, the 17th. In a few hours, the photo added up to 40 thousand “likes” and hundreds of compliments from the followers.

“This picture is so wonderful”; “Wow, what an impression! It looks like today’s Glory is kissing yesterday’s Glory” and “Twins!” Can be read in the comments box.

Now, see the image of Gloria Pires and Cleo Pires together in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.


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