Tony Carreira next to ‘ex’: Fernanda is a wonderful woman – a Boil


Tony Carreira was this Thursday on ‘Dia de Cristina’ and spoke about various aspects of his personal life, such as his relationship with his ex-wife, Fernanda Antunes, with whom he maintains a close relationship, which guarantees that he will not interfere in the new relationship girlfriend, ├éngela Rocha.

“It’s all done with love and respect. Fernanda is a wonderful woman, a great mother, a great entrepreneur, we have three links, which are our children”, says the singer.

During the conversation with Cristina Ferreira, the singer also spoke of how it has been a wonderful discovery to be a grandfather, although he does not like the label.

“I trained her to call me Tony, and not grandfather … but then I saw Laura [Figueiredo] with a face … She wouldn’t like it. The word grandfather still makes me confused “.

With more time for the family because of the pandemic, Tony says that he has made the most of these moments, especially to spend quality time with his granddaughter. “I had time to reflect a lot, to be more with my family. I had time, basically (…) During the pandemic, I was able to be more with Beatriz and it was fantastic”.


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