‘Too late’ is not for Luiza Ambiel and we can prove it


In a 2010 YouTube video, it shows Luiz Carlos, lead singer of the group Raça Negra, speaking of where the inspiration for the song ‘É Tarde Demais’ came from, which according to Luiza Ambiel in A Fazenda 12, was composed for her. Come and see

On October 9, in reality The Farm 12, Luiza Ambiel he burst into tears after listening to Lidi Lisboa and ex-Avenger Tays Reis, singing the song ‘É Tarde Demais’ by the group ‘Raça Negra’. According to the peoa and the team, the song would be a composition made by the ex-boyfriend Luiz Carlos, vocalist. But in an interview conducted in 2010, it reveals where the true inspiration for the hit came from.

After all, having inspirational music should be all the best. However, in a video of the program ‘Manhã Maior’ in 2010, it shows the vocalist telling where the inspiration for the song came from, cited by Luiza Ambiel in A Fazenda 12. The song is a success until today, and was launched in 1995. In the YouTube video, it shows the whole group singing the song on the program, which is presented by Daniela Albuquerque.

A Fazenda 12: singer of Raça Negra tells the inspiration of the song

After the presenter says that the song has everything to be an indirect for the ex, Luiz Carlos says: “This song is a real story ”. Then he continues: “It is a true story of a friend. He was sterile, and he couldn’t have a child … Really, and the woman wanted to have a child, so she separated from him [amigo] to have a child, but she always loved him all her life … then she separated, and after eight years she had two children, she wanted to go back, and he said to her: ‘It’s too late’. ”


Right after the report, the presenter, upon hearing, commented: “Ai swears! Wow, I got goosebumps at this story. What madness … I already imagined it was another story, that he left and didn’t want ”. “It’s more useful too,” added the singer of Raça Negra.

Watch the video where the vocalist talks about the song quoted by Luiza Ambiel

How did the story come about that the song was made for Luiza?

Confined to the reality A Fazenda 12, Luiza Ambiel heard in the external area of ​​the headquarters, Lidi Lisboa and Tays Reis sing the song ‘É Tarde Demais’ by the group Raça Negra. As a result, the paoa did not like what he heard and started to cry. The Muse of the Bathtub of Gugu, returned from the external area in tears, and was soon venting with the participants MC Mirella, Victória and Jojo Todynho. She said: “Afterwards I’m bad, I’m the devil. I’m quiet down there, doing my thing. Lidi and Tays, there in the tree house, singing Raça Negra’s music. Do you need that ?. ”

Even without understanding, Voctória tried to calm the paoa, who did not stop talking: “They know! And just the music that Carto was trying to guess if it was the music he [Luiz Carlos] had done for me? Is this a coincidence or am I crazy ?. ”

“I’m angry because of playing ridiculous, understand? I’m quiet there in my corner. This is what I get mad at, this is what I don’t like, this is what I don’t think is a fair game ”, said the peoa in A Fazenda 12. However, the song in question was composed by the singer of the group Raça Negra, Luiz Carlos , with whom Luiza Ambiel had a relationship previously.

Clarification note from Luiza Ambiel’s team

Shortly after all the confusion in A Fazenda 12 and the repercussions on social networks, Luiza’s team released a note clarifying the involvement of the peoa with the singer. In the words published on Instagram, a video of the actress appears during an interview for the show ‘SuperPop’, by the presenter Luciana Gimenez.

The note says:

“FAKE NEWS! Just to clarify, who is inventing “fake news”, about Luiza (“Having been a lover” of Luiz Carlos do Raça Negra) Luiza had a romance with the singer at the time, but she did not know that he was married. The song sung by Lidi and Thais “It’s too late” by the black race, was a song that Luiz Carlos composed for her, due to the end of the “relationship”. That’s why she is so touched, because it’s a story that hurts her. You can even watch the interview here about what happened. ”


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