Total deaths by covid-19 exceed 250,000 in Europe – 10/18/2020


Paris, 18 Oct 2020 (AFP) – More than 250,000 deaths from the new coronavirus have been recorded in Europe – points out a balance made by AFP, this Sunday (18), based on official sources.

In total, 250,030 covid-19 deaths were reported in Europe (for 7,366,028 cases). More than two thirds of deaths are concentrated in five countries: the United Kingdom (43,646), Italy (36,543), Spain (33,775), France (33,392) and Russia (24,187). In the past week, more than 8,000 deaths from coronavirus have been reported in Europe.

In the last week, there were a total of 8,342 deaths in Europe, the highest number of deaths in a week in the region since mid-May.

Among the European countries that declared at least 100 deaths between 11 and 17 October, Germany recorded the largest increase (+ 112%), compared to the previous seven days.

The trend is also for an increase in Italy (+ 94%), the United Kingdom (+ 85%) and Belgium (+ 82%), in particular, unlike Austria, where it decreased (-26%).

Europe is the second region most affected by the covid-19 pandemic, behind Latin America and the Caribbean (almost 380,000 deaths), but ahead of the United States / Canada (229,000) and Asia (159,000).

More than 7.3 million cases have been officially reported in Europe since the first cases appeared on the continent in January.

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