– Tough in the industry


Iman Meskini (23) had great success in the role of Sana in the NRK series “Shame” which rolled across the TV screens from 2015 to 2017. In the fourth and final season, Meskini’s character was the main character – a role that made her a famous face also outside Norway’s borders.

After the “Shame” success, however, Meskini has been involved in much more than acting. She has been in the Air Force in her first service, and also completed a bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern studies at the University of Oslo in June.

– Happiest when I’m with you

Still, it is acting that is closest to her heart, something the cheerful 23-year-old did not hide when Se og Hør had a chat with her during this year’s Costume Awards, where she was to hand out prizes.

The event has subsequently received criticism for violating the infection control rules.

RED CARPET: Iman Meskini beamed on the red carpet. Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear
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– I still focus on acting. But it is very nice to have an education at the bottom. I also studied something I love, which is Arabic language and history, so I think you will always need that, she says.

The “shame” profile, like most others, has felt the cost of the corona pandemic. For her part, it has led to few jobs and a lot of sitting at home.

Reveals baby novelty

Reveals baby novelty

– It is very nice to be part of something fun after a very long and quiet period. It has been a bit tough in the industry. I used to give lectures and travel around, I haven’t been able to do anything about that.

The assignment during this year’s Costume Awards was one of the 23-year-old’s first in a long time.

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– It has happened that I have waited a bit for job opportunities and tried to start my own projects, Meskini says to Se og Hør.

Want to go out into the world

The actor has also experienced the corona pandemic in other ways.

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When the world reopens, traveling is the first thing the 23-year-old will do. Meskini has previously been on a longer exchange stay in Jordan, and she is, to put it mildly, adventurous and travel-loving.

Now, however, the “Shame” profile is not so picky about where the journey goes next.

– Now the list just gets longer and longer over countries I miss and want to go to. Everything from London to Turkey, or back to the Middle East a trip. There are many countries you can visit, says the actor.

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However, the 23-year-old has every reason to smile in private. In June 2019, Meskini surprised “everyone” when she married her husband Mourad Jarrari (28) in – both in Oslo City Hall and in the mosque.

– We have been together a lot now under the corona. It is very good to be two, I must say, she says to See and Hear.

The actor also does not rule out a small family increase over time.

GIFT: Iman Meskini and Mourad Jarrari got married in the summer of 2019. Here the couple is at the film premiere in Oslo earlier in October. Photo: Tor Lindseth / See and Hear
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– We are not thinking about it right now, but of course, it would have been very nice eventually. There are a number of things you want to have in order before it should happen, says Meskini.

The couple had already been together for over a year when the wedding took place, but chose to keep the relationship hidden from the public.

– Therefore, we have made it easy this time to dedicate ourselves in the town hall and then in the mosque, and then have a bigger party later. At the same time as we are looking for an apartment to move into together, she told See and Hear after the wedding.

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Becomes known again

Throughout their four seasons, the “Shame” actors rolled on who had the lead role in each season, and it was the character Sana Bakoush, played by Iman Meskini, who got the honor of ending the series after almost two years.

This was Meskini’s debut as an actress – which made her an overnight star.

STRICTLY LOOK: This is how most of us remember her – in the role of Sana Bakoush the NRK success «Shame». Photo: NRK
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The 23-year-old says that she is still known for her role in “Shame”, even though it is now well over three years since the last episode was broadcast. Nevertheless, a change has taken place.

– In the beginning it was like only Sana people shouted for me. I almost feel like it’s my second name. But now it’s more like, “Iman!” So it’s a lot of fun, she says to See and Hear.

And there is no doubt that the “Shame” mark has now begun to subside. After the successful series went on to win in the summer of 2017, Meskini has, among other things, been watching TVNorge in the reality competition «71 degrees north – Norway’s toughest celebrity».

In 2018, she also published the book «#minhistorieminmening. 313 votes for hijab ».

– That’s probably what I think has been the best thing about “Shame”, the voice I have received. So I just hope I can use it for what it’s worth, as best I can, Meskini said at the time.

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