Traditional anniversary of the Guanabara supermarket is canceled – Economy


The traditional anniversary of the supermarkets
Guanabara will not happen this year for the first time. The reason is that the company’s celebrations are famous for crowding markets, which is contrary to the guidelines in times of pandemic.



GuanabarĂ¡’s birthday is canceled

“To make the decision, the company used responsibility for the safety of employees and customers as a premise, as containing the agglomeration would not be possible in an event that has become a real party”, informed the Guanabara
on a note.

For the date not to “go blank”, Guanabara announced the “Show of Offers” that will feature promotions for 30 days.

“So that customers are not orphaned by low prices, Guanabara, for 30 days, will promote the Show of Offers campaign. The discounts cannot be overwhelming, but they will still be special, since the company wants to maintain the tradition of honoring its customers. consumers “, informed the market.


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