Trailer and car front collided


At 11.47 on Sunday morning, the police reported a traffic accident on national road 3 south of Berkåk in Rennebu municipality in Trøndelag.

A trailer and a car collided head-on.

– Two people who were sitting in the car are trapped, says operations manager Øystein Sagen to TV 2.

The extent of the damage is unknown.

– There is major damage to the front of the car. The driver of the trailer appears unharmed, says Sagen.

Healthcare professionals work on site.

The operations manager says the accident happened in zone 80.

– It is unknown what speed the people involved have been driving at. It is very slippery on the spot, Sagen says.

The police will investigate the cause of the accident. The road is closed while rescue work and investigation are ongoing.

The case is being updated


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