Tribe Indians in Indonesia intrigue the world with their blue eyes, see! – Online Diary


In Indonesia, most of its population has dark eyes, but a tribe on an island in that country impresses the world with its exceptionally blue eyes and a particularly deep glow due to a rare genetic condition.

The images of the indigenous people were captured by a photographer, Korchnoi Pasaribu, and shared the photos on his Instagram showing the peculiarities that members of a tribe have on the island of Buton.

“The blue eyes are unique and beautiful, as well as being my inspiration,” said Pasaribu on the instragram.

It was on September 17 of this year that the photographer, who works with geology, visited the island of Buton, where the tribe of “blue eyes” lives.

According to experts, tribal people suffer from Waardenburg syndrome, a rare genetic disease that causes their eyes to turn blue. There are no vision problems and just too much light causes tears. But sometimes it brings a non-visual problem: deafness.

Waardenburg syndrome is inherited from just one parent who passes on the defective gene so that their child is affected. Although it affects approximately one person in 42,000 worldwide, it is more common in this tribe because many of its members are family members.

From children to adults, men and women suffer from this genetic disorder. In some cases, your eyes may be different colors, one dark and one light.


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