Troubled by insults, Casemiro compares South America to Europe: “You have to have respect” | Brazilian Team


Defensive midfielder Casemiro was uncomfortable and criticized the attitude of members of Peru’s coaching staff who protested and swore at the Chilean referee Julio Bascuñán after the Brazilian team’s 4-2 win on Tuesday.

Casemiro was interviewing on the field when he saw and heard people nearby who were protesting against the referee. Promptly, even without being asked about it, he stated:

– It is a lack of respect, we are talking about South America, we have to be an example, we have to have respect, you know? Sometimes the referee may be wrong, but he always wants to do his best, we have to have a little respect, we have to talk about it. The VAR is to help, the referee is to do the best, and he has to have respect – commented the Real Madrid midfielder, who continued:

– In South America it is always like this. We, who play in Europe … In Europe it is very difficult to happen, it can happen, because human beings are like that, but we in South America have to have more respect with the referees.

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Casemiro, Brazilian national team midfielder, in action against Peru – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

Brazil had two penalties scored in Tuesday’s match, a fact that angered the Peruvians.

Absolute holder of Real Madrid and the National Team, Casemiro is 28 years old and has been playing in Europe since the age of 21. The midfielder has 60 calls and 48 games with hopscotch.

Casemiro also valued Brazil’s turn over Peru:

– I believe that we were very strong mentally, regardless of the results we continue with our game, working, with which the technical committee passed us. Mentally strong, we continue to do what we had to do, when working is successful – he said.

The Brazilian team will play again on November 13, against Venezuela, at Morumbi.


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