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Before he was sent to the hospital on Friday, Donald Trump is said to have been supplied with oxygen. The president must have had trouble breathing.

Both the news agency AP and The New York Times report that the president was given an oxygen supply on Friday, before he was transported to Walter Reed Hospital.

Two sources says to The New York Times that the president had trouble breathing. On Saturday night, President Donald Trump was hospitalized and treated with a number of corona drugs.

The article from the newspaper is written by journalists Maggie Haberman and Peter Baker. Haberman is known for being one of the closest people to Trump, while Baker has covered the White House for a number of years.

– This morning, the president is doing very well, says the president’s doctor Sean Conley in a press release on Saturday.

Minutes after the briefing, however, the White House Press Corps received a report from a source familiar with the president’s health condition that the condition was “very disturbing.”

According to the source, the next 48 hours will be “critical”. Reuters, AP, CBS and CNN are among the media that have reported on the report.

The president himself wrote on Twitter on Saturday night that he feels good, and praises the health service’s efforts.

– Doctors, nurses and everyone at the great medical center Walter Reed, and others from the similarly incredible institutions that have joined them, are amazing.

Enormous progress has been made in the last six months in fighting this plague. With their help, I feel good.

Doctor Sean Conley says the president was moved to the hospital for safety in order to closely monitor his condition. The first days in the course of the disease are very important, he says.

Avoid oxygen issues

Asked repeatedly by the press whether Trump needed a respirator or oxygen supply, doctors said he did not need oxygen Saturday morning. When asked if he has needed oxygen before, he would not answer:

– Has he not received supplemental oxygen?

– He’s not on oxygen right now, that’s right.

– He has not received any oxygen at all?

– He has not received any oxygen today at all, that’s right, Conley answers.

Conley was also asked how likely it was that the president would need oxygen assistance in the future.

– I do not want to put a percentage on it, but it seems that he will be connected by supplemental oxygen in the future, the doctor believes.

A little later, Conley was once again asked about oxygen.

– Has he ever been on supplemental oxygen?

– He’s not on oxygen right now.

– You repeat “right now”. Shall we read between the lines that it means he has been?

– Yesterday and today he has not been on oxygen.

– Has he been on it at all in his covid-19 treatment?

– He’s not on oxygen now.

Towards the end of the press briefing, the doctor was pressured on the oxygen issue one last time.

– I’m trying again. Was he on oxygen at all? Did he get oxygen on Thursday?

– Let me see. Today is Saturday? He did not receive oxygen on Thursday, no.

-Thursday, Friday and Saturday?

– On Thursday no oxygen, nothing now today, and yesterday with the team, while we were all here, he has not been on oxygen.

Trump has had symptoms such as coughing and a stuffy nose, but according to Conley, these have improved recently. For the last 24 hours he has been fever-free. The doctor will not say anything about how high the temperature the president has been.

– Has he had trouble breathing?

– No, he does not. He has had a fever, cough and a stuffy nose, says Conley.

Conley has experience from the military, and is educated in emergency medicine and has a license as an osteopathic doctor.

The president’s medical team says in the press release that they can not give any tentative plan for when the president can be discharged.

– He is a 74 year old man, and is a little overweight. Apart from that, he has no other risk factors, says Conley.

The White House says the president has mild symptoms, and Donald Trump himself posted a Twitter message on Saturday morning.

– It’s going well, I think! Thanks to all. LOVE!!!

The president is being treated at Walter Reed Military Hospital. He was transported there by helicopter on Saturday night. When he arrived at the hospital, Trump posted a video update on Twitter.

– I want to thank everyone for the enormous support. I’m going to Walter Reed Hospital. I think it’s going very well, but we’ll make sure everything works out. The first lady is doing very well. Thank you very much, I will never forget it. Thank you, says Trump in the video.

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