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CRITICAL: President Donald Trump is called unworthy of his office in an editorial in The New York Times. Photo: MANDEL NGAN / AFP

The New York Times strongly warns US voters against re-electing Donald Trump.

The editorial is designed by a department in the newspaper called “The Editorial Board”, and is composed of 14 editors and writers from the management.

– Corruption. Anger. Chaos. Incompetence. Decay, writes the newspaper, in an article entitled “Stop our national crisis”.

This comment section does not speak on behalf of the entire newspaper, but tries to present opinions based on a consensus within the institution.

They write that a re-election of President Trump poses the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II, and call the president unworthy of his office.

– Unworthy of his office

And the newspaper starts the editorial with a character assassination that has hardly been seen before in connection with a sitting American president.

– Mr. Trump’s devastating reign has seriously damaged the United States at home and abroad. He has abused the power inherent in his office and has refused to recognize his political opponents, thereby shattering the norms that have bound our nation together for generations. He has suppressed the public interest in favor of his business and political interests. He has shown incredible disrespect for the lives and freedoms of the American people. He is a man who is unworthy of his office.

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Leading writers write that they do not take lightly to attack an elected, incumbent president. They have listed a number of cases in the last four years in which they have revealed what they believe is the president’s unsuitability.

– We have pointed out his racism and xenophobia. We have written about his destruction of a system of alliances and mutual international relations which since World War II has cost many lives to establish and preserve. We have repeatedly exposed his divisive rhetoric and his vicious attacks on his countrymen, they write.

The choice of the country’s future

This is how they comment on the Supreme Court process.

– When the Senate refused to put the president before the Supreme Court, for his obvious abuse of power, we advised his political opponents to turn their political rage against defeating him at the ballot box in the next election.

The date of November 3 could be a turning point, according to the newspaper’s writers.

– This is a choice that is about the country’s future, and the path its inhabitants want to go.

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– Will get worse

Although the four years with Trump have been challenging for democracy, four new years with him will be even worse, they write.

– Mr. Trump has launched an attack on the integrity of the democratic process. He breaks with all his modern predecessors by refusing to deal with a peaceful transfer of power by implying that his election victory is the only legitimate result. And, if he does not win, he is ready to challenge the American people’s vote in the courtroom and even in the streets.

The New York Times writers say that the massiveness and repetition of Trump’s misdeeds have made people numb and unable to feel upset.

– This is the moment when Americans must rediscover that feeling of outrage, they write and then aim for the election in just over two weeks.

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