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The question of whether Hunter Biden’s contacts in Ukraine have made his father Joe Biden corrupt or not, again divides the United States. Now the fronts are sharpening and a visually impaired computer repairman in Delaware is at the center.


In short, today’s case is about an article published in the New York Post, in which it is claimed that Biden’s son Hunter introduced the father of a Ukrainian businessman.

But when people want to share the case on Facebook and Twitter, they get a warning that it can not be done.

Twitter has identified the link as “potentially harmful”. Those who have tried to click on the link have also received a similar warning.

Both large teck companies believe that the content is so dubious that it must be fact-checked by an independent third party before it can be shared.

The source in the case is Trump’s close associate and lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who is said to have given the newspaper access to emails between Biden’s son and an adviser to the Ukrainian company Burisma, Vadim Pozharskyi.

This is said to have happened while Joe Biden was vice president and responsible for US relations with Ukraine.

Visually impaired witness

Trump’s close adviser Rudy Giuliani is said to have received tips about the case when a visually impaired computer repairman from Delaware received three laptops from a man who may have been Hunter Biden, Fox News writes.

John Paul Mac Isaac is not entirely sure if it was Biden’s son, but he passed this information on to the FBI. But since neither they nor more representatives from Congress wanted to take the matter further, Isaac must have contacted Giuliani.

– I saw things on the machine that worried me, and I was afraid that someone would do something against me and my company, says Isaac according to Fox News, without specifying exactly what he fears will happen.

Not verified

The newspaper claims that Joe Biden must have had his son’s business interests in mind when he handled the diplomatic relations between the countries. Something that has previously been denied when the Senate investigated the case earlier this year.

The author and expert on advocacy campaigns Thomas Rid believes there are several reasons not to trust the article as it is printed in the New York Post.

The American website Bloomberg also writes that the content of the article has not been verified by other media, and that the New York Post has not published evidence that such a meeting actually took place.

The news agency AP calls the article dubious, and points out that the newspaper writes that they have received the information in the case from Trump’s former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Now Twitter boss Jack Dorsey admits the company could have handled the situation better.

But when he is confronted with whether the blockade itself was politically motivated, he answers “No” in cash.

Biden rejects

Joe Biden stubbornly denies all the allegations, and the e-mails referred to do not prove that the meeting took place or what they were talking about.

The article reads: “Thank you for the invitation to DC, and for giving me the opportunity to meet your father.”

Hunter Biden has served on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Joe Biden claims he has not spoken to his son about his business. In the past, several people, including in connection with the Mueller hearings in the Senate, have also claimed that the allegations are untrue, and questioned the origin of the allegations.

Twitter’s decision to block the sharing of the article appears to be part of the online platform’s efforts against misleading information ahead of next month’s presidential election. Facebook also says they limit the sharing of the article until it has been fact-checked.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden

Photo: Carolyn Kaster / AP


President Donald Trump has long claimed that Biden is corrupt and last night he reacted and thought it was “terrible” that the internet giants blocked the sharing of the article.

– This is just the beginning for them. There is nothing worse than a corrupt politician, Trump writes on Twitter.

And the Trump campaign seems to have bypassed the blockade on Twitter and has made its own video based on the New York Post article.

He also writes that Biden should provide insight into all emails, meetings and phone calls that are related to the family’s business relationship and influence on selling around the world. Including China, writes Trump.

During a rally in Iowa last night, he ran into Facebook and Twitter. He thinks they make a difference between him and Biden.

– The lies about me never took Twitter, Facebook or the established media down. But with Biden, they remove negative posts almost before it has been published. They are trying to protect him, Trump said.

He said that Twitter has also closed the account of his press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, after she shared the news from the New York Post.

– Because she told the truth! That’s why they closed her account, Trump said.

Twitter guidelines

Even Republicans in the Senate are reacting angrily.

On your Twitter-konto they have posted a message in which they address Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. They write “see you soon”, and attach a video where they unsuccessfully try to share the article.

Twitter has responded and writes that they want to clarify the measures they have taken in relation to the article in the New York Post.

– The article contains private information, such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. It is against our guidelines, writes the American online community.

In addition, they believe the article was obtained in a way that violates their guidelines against computer attacks.


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