Trump rewards fighter who prefers to keep his distance on stage


EThis is the strange moment when a famous wrestler kept his distancencia Donald Trump during a action of the president of the United States in Iowa, even though he guarantees that he is “immune” to Covid-19.

Trump announced that he would give the Iowa Medal of Freedom to Iowa legend Dan Gable and called him on stage.

The man climbed, but stopped at the spot where he could guarantee a distance.ncia billionaire’s safety, and then the two exchanged an elbow greeting instead of shaking hands.

“Hey Dan, I’m immune so I can’t get through to you (Covid-19), so everything is fine, “said Trump.

Despite this, the man decided to stay relatively far away.

Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 for 13 days, but your doctors guarantee that you are recovered and that there is no danger of infecting anyone

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