Trump will not condemn the QAnon conspiracy theory


Trump was pressured by NBC’s moderator Savannah Guthrie to condemn white supremacist groups, which he did not do when he was urged to do so during the presidential debate against Joe Biden just before the turn of the month.

“I have condemned white supremacy for years,” Trump said.

However, he would not condemn the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims that Democrats and the government are satanic pedophiles that Trump is working to fight.

Trump erroneously claimed that he knew nothing about the movement, even though he had been asked about it several times before. Trump has also said he appreciates the movement because they are his supporters.

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The movement has received a lot of attention lately and is linked to several incidents of violence.

Facebook announced last week that they will delete all groups or pages that openly identify with the movement.

Youtube announced on Thursday that videos that spread conspiracy theories that have been used to defend violence can be deleted. The video service cited QAnon as an example of such videos.

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