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President Donald Trump returns to the White House with his son Barron after a weekend in Bedminster

THE youngest son
President Donald Trump, Barron, 14, contracted the new coronavirus
this month, at the same time that her parents were ill, wrote First Lady Melania Trump in a statement on Wednesday.

When the president was diagnosed with Covid-19
, his doctor had said that his children had tested negative. Melania Trump stated that her son tested positive
one day after being negative.

The teenager, who remains discreet while his father is president, showed no symptoms
. But Melania said she experienced a “roller coaster of symptoms”, which she described as “mild”.

“Naturally, thought went immediately to our son. To our great relief, he tested negative, but then again, as so many parents have thought in the past few months
, I couldn’t help thinking ‘what about tomorrow or the day after?’ My fear came true
when he was tested again and tested positive. “

She praised the medical care received by the family, saying it left her “even more grateful and fearful by health professionals

“I was very lucky because my diagnosis came with minimal symptoms, although they hit all at once
and it felt like a roller coaster for the next few days, “she said.” I felt body aches, coughs and headaches, and most of the time I felt extremely tired. I chose a more natural path in terms of medicines, with vitamins and healthy food. “

Asked about the revelation that her son had tested positive, the president told reporters: ” Barron is fine

In addition to Trump, his wife and teenage son, about 20 people close to the president
and three Republican senators were positive. Many were at a ceremony at the Rose Garden late last month to announce the appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

More of 215,000 people have already died from Covid-19
us United States.


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