TV broadcaster announces event with Biden for October 15, after Trump declines virtual debate | US Elections 2020


The broadcaster ABC, from the United States, announced on Thursday (8) that will hold an event with only the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, on October 15th, the date on which the second debate between him and President Donald Trump would take place.

The announcement came after the organizing committee said the two candidates would participate in a virtual debate to avoid risks, as the president is still recovering from Covid-19. Trump, however, declined the offer, which he called “ridiculous”.

“I am not going to waste my time with a virtual debate, that is not the idea of ​​a debate. You sit behind a computer and debate, it is ridiculous. This is not acceptable for us,” he said.

Democrats and Republicans have yet to schedule what would be a third debate, for the 22nd. The Trump team even suggested that a new meeting be scheduled on the 29th, less than a week from the November 3 elections, but this time it was Biden’s campaign that refused.

According to ABC, the October 15 event with Biden will be in Philadelphia, with mediation by journalist George Stephanopoulos. The Democrat will answer questions from voters at the scene.

The president said he only learned of the decision to organize a virtual debate on Thursday, minutes before his participation on the telephone on a Fox News TV program. He accused the committee organizing the debate of trying to protect Biden.

The president was hospitalized on October 3 and returned to the White House on Monday. On the day of his return, said he was looking forward to participating in a second debate with Biden. On Thursday, Trump said he felt “ready to campaign again,” even without curing himself.

Broadcast debate in 1960

This would not be the first time that a debate on presidential candidates in the USA would be organized to be held without the debaters being in the same place.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon held a broadcast meeting (one was in a studio in New York City, the other in Los Angeles).


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