TV Globo and Maju Coutinho are sued by production assistant


Kaíque Batista, production assistant, is suing TV Globo and journalist Majú Coutinho for moral damages, according to a publication made this Friday, 16, by the column by Fábia Oliveira on the portal O Dia.

Credit: Playback / InstagramTV Globo and Maju Coutinho are sued by production assistant

In March 2020, he was acquitted of the crime of racism for lack of evidence against the presenter. Kaíque, at the time, had been taken to testify at the Barra Funda Criminal Forum by police and officials from the São Paulo Public Ministry and at the time, he had his computer seized as well.

The boy who managed to respond in freedom, was being denounced for ideological falsehood, injury, corruption of minors on the internet and criminal association on the internet.

“My life has changed. I had a job for four years, had a home and had my dignity. I lost everything even though I was innocent and had no hard evidence against me. The only thing that involved me in posting racism were the comments of two people ‘The Kaique who sent us here’. I didn’t publish anything! I was tried, harassed and accused in all media. Now that I have been acquitted, no one came to me, ”said Kaíque to the column.

Kaíque is asking for R $ 800 thousand in compensation. “To this day, I am appointed on the streets. I acquired panic disorder and depression. They ended my life and I want justice ”, he explained to O Dia.

Angelo Carbone is the lawyer who defends Kaíque Batista in the process and said that the judge has already ordered the summons of the defendants, but has not yet been served. “It is a single process, but I put both, the broadcaster and the journalist, in the action because there was an attempt to incriminate an innocent. He knew people, but he did nothing and, in fact, he would have to have practiced the racial act, the intention, the deceit, to be accused and that is not what happened. They destroyed the boy’s life and it is only fair that the Kaíque be repaired, ”said Carbone to the column.

Understand the case

It all started when in July 2015, Maju was the target of racism on social networks. A flood of racist comments were exposed on the official page of the “Jornal Nacional” on Facebook, the majority of which were cursed with the color of the journalist’s skin.

At the time, the hypothesis was raised that some racist group or page on Facebook made a “call” of users to offend Maju, given that the comments all came at the same time.

It was there that in July 2016, the Court accepted the request of TV Globo and the journalist and turned four defendants accused of promoting racist attacks against her into defendants.

Among the defendants in the lawsuit were Érico Monteiro dos Santos, Rogério Wagner Castor Sales, Kaíque Batista and Luis Carlos Félix de Araújo. In the prosecution, the first three allegedly engineered the attack and had the help of Araújo, an IT professional, to commit the crimes.

The group was also accused of inducing others, including minors, to also post racist messages against the communicator.

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