Twelve schools in Rio have Covid-19 cases, and experts say the situation was expected


RIO – At least twelve private schools have reported suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 since the face-to-face classes were resumed voluntarily, according to information from the Union of Teachers of the Municipality (Sinpro Rio). The organization, according to columnist Ancelmo Gois, received reports from teachers, students and administrative staff with symptoms of the disease. But for experts, there is no cause for alarm. They affirm that isolated cases are expected to appear and that the moment, with successive days of contagion, falling or stable, is favorable for the return, as long as the necessary care is maintained and the health protocols are followed.

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Among the schools cited by Sinpro is Mopi, who said in a statement that he had a confirmed student case with the disease on September 23. At the time, sanitary measures were taken, but the class has resumed activities and the student is cured, according to the institution.

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Last week, three other schools had taken sanitary measures because of the detection of suspected cases of Covid-19. The Eleva school, with units in Botafogo and Barra, increased distance and reduced classes after three students were diagnosed with the virus. Teresiano, in Gávea, suspended activities until the 23rd after a 7th grade student was diagnosed. And Colégio Santo Inácio, which last week suspended classes in the 1st grade of high school after a student had symptoms of the disease, this week had to close the school office after an employee had contact with a relative with symptoms, as reported by the journalist Ancelmo Góis.

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The Union of Private Schools (Sinepe) says it has not received any notification regarding confirmed or suspected cases of Covid in schools.

“It happened all over the world. Small outbreaks were recorded after the (students) return ”

Marcos Lago


Coordinator of the infection control commission of the Pedro Ernesto University Hospital, Uerj, the infectologist Marcos Junqueira Lago says that there is no reason to be alarmed by suspicious or confirmed cases detected in isolation in schools:

– It happened all over the world. Small outbreaks were recorded after (students’) return.

Infectologist Edimilson Migowski says it is important to maintain care:

– You cannot relax with the security protocols.


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