Two and a Half Men star dead


Ferrell died on October 12, writes Deadline.

The actor turned 77 years old. Abc-7 writes that Ferrell died in his home, surrounded by family.

– A beautiful person

Conchata Ferrell is best known for her role as housekeeper Berta in the popular TV series Two and a Half Men, which earned her Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actor in 2005 and 2007.

Jon Cryer, who played Alan Harper in the series, pays tribute to his acting colleague.

– She was a beautiful person. Berta’s hard exterior was created by the screenwriters. Chatty’s warmth and vulnerability was her real strength, writes Cryer.

Ferrell was also nominated for an Emmy in 1992 for her role as Susan Bloom in LA Law.

She has appeared in TV series such as Grace and Frankie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and BJ and the Bear. Ferrell has starred in films such as Heartland, True Romance and Edward Scissorhands.

Health problems

In July, TV 2 wrote that Ferrell was fighting in hospital after a heart attack.

The actor had already had health problems over a long period of time. She was in and out of hospital since December 2019, and had to be admitted after a life-threatening inflammation of the kidneys.

In January, the star was allowed to return home, and was closely followed up by a team of doctors and physiotherapists.

Then it went downhill again in May, when Ferrell began to feel worse. In June, she suffered a cardiac arrest – which lasted for ten minutes.

The cause of death is described by Deadline as complications after a heart attack.


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