Two hours after the reopening of the bridge, smuggled chickens are seized at the border – POLICE


Paraguayan Navy officers seized six boxes of smuggled chicken that were being transported in a van. The seizure took place on Thursday morning (15) in the main customs area, just a few hours after the reopening of the Friendship Bridge.

The chicken boxes were in the back of a Paraguayan van and were discovered during a control operation at the head of the Friendship Bridge.

The military seized the boxes and handed them over to customs officials. The driver of the van, whose identity has not been released, was released with his vehicle. Apparently, the vehicle had crossed the border earlier to collect poultry products of Brazilian origin.

This is the first smuggling seizure since the border was unblocked. Hundreds of military and customs officers are stationed in the primary zone for the control task.

With information from ABC Color




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