two ways to read deleted messages in the app


WhatsApp: two ways to read deleted messages in the app – Photo: Pixabay

WhatsApp: two ways to read deleted messages in the app.

With WhatsApp, if you make a mistake in a message, you have the option to delete it so that the other person cannot see it, however. Therefore, when the other person sees “deleted message”, they will be curious to see the deleted message.

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There is a trick to see without the need to install any other external application or root your phone. To do this is very simple and you only need your Android and WhatsApp application.

Without using apps

For this you must use the Widgets of your smartphone, which you can activate in a simple way, just press the screen of your phone and select + Widget, and select the WhatsApp chat.

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You can also do this through Settings, select Notification log and that’s it, the Settings icon will appear on the home screen, but with direct access to the notification log you received.

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In this tab, the user will be able to see the message that he can no longer see in the WhatsApp chat, so with this tip you will be able to read all sent messages that have been deleted. With that, it doesn’t matter if they deleted the message because you can read it.

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Read the message through apps

Another way to read deleted WhatsApp messages is through the Notisave app, which is dedicated to saving a history with all message notifications from apps like WhatsApp.

Therefore, whenever a message is received in the messaging application, a copy will be saved in this third party application. If we find a deleted message, we can access Notisave, where you can read the original message.

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You can find this app on the Play Store and to use it you just need to give it the necessary permissions to allow it to access your notifications. The application is free and has ads that can be easily ignored.


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