Two-year-old girl sends her mother’s nudes while playing with cell phone – R7


American Emily Schmitt, 30, left her two-year-old daughter Carsyn, playing with her cell phone while she dressed and dried her hair.

What she didn’t expect was that the girl would photograph her naked and send the images to her Snapchat contacts.

The mother only realized the confusion when she received a text message from a co-worker that said “thanks for the nude”. After that, Emily realized that he was not the only one to receive the photographs.

“I was mortified. I literally think I died for a minute and then came back to life so I could tell people what happened, ”he said. Altogether, there were 15 contacts contemplated with Emily’s photos, among them ex-friends from the university, including an ex-crush, and ex-clients.

Luckily, Carsyn is not that good of a photographer and some contacts received only pictures of their feet or the ceiling. Others, however, could see Emily with her back totally naked.

“Fortunately it was Snapchat, so we have to find the good points. He was not saved and no one took a picture or took a screenshot, ”said the mother.

Emily wasted no time and tried to clarify what happened to the social network’s contacts, but the apology failed to prevent her from becoming a joke at work.

“My parents own the real estate broker I work for. To make matters worse, I joined the next day and my father, who is the broker, said ‘look, here comes the company’s porn star’ ”, he says.


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