U.S. court may ask Google to sell Chrome


The American government agency is investigating the American giant in an antitrust case; in addition to browser, advertising business may also be affected

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Google Chrome will allow you to organize tabs into groups

Google Chrome will allow you to organize tabs into groups

Photo: Google / Reproduction / Estadão Content

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and a group of advocates-general in several US states are considering forcing Google to sell the Chrome browser, the American website published last weekend. Politico. The report cited sources close to the authorities, who are currently investigating the American giant in a competition violation case.

The talks are part of the case that the DoJ is expected to present against the company in the coming weeks. They are also part of the context of antitrust investigations carried out with four tech giants – in addition to Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook are also in the sights of the American authorities. The four companies were cited in a recent report by the US House of Representatives as owners of monopolies and may face several sanctions in the future.

In the DoJ’s view, the sources said, Google uses its browser to keep its digital advertising business at the forefront of the industry – a $ 162.3 billion global market, which is controlled by the search company and Facebook. Wanted by Politico, Google and the Justice Department declined to comment.

If the proposal currently under discussion at the DoJ does indeed come to light, it may be the first case of a company’s break up in decades in the USA – the most notorious cases were Standard Oil in the early 20th century and AT&T in the years 1980.

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