UK predicts vaccination against covid-19 only for part of the population


Mask couple in Newcastle, north east England, on October 3, 2020 – AFP / Archives

The vaccination program against covid-19 in the United Kingdom will be targeted, if possible, at elderly people and professionals working in areas considered at risk, and not at the entire population, said the coordinator of the working group on the subject.

Kate Bingham, appointed by the government as chairman of the working group responsible for vaccination against coronavirus, told the Financial Times that a general vaccination of the population “will not happen”.

“We just need to vaccinate everyone at risk,” he explained in an interview on Sunday.

“They are talking about the ‘time it will take to vaccinate the entire population’, but this is wrong. There will be no vaccination of children under 18. It is a vaccine only for adults, for people over 50, with a focus on health professionals and nursing home workers and the vulnerable, ”he said.

The UK surpassed 500,000 coronavirus cases on Sunday, with more than 42,000 deaths.

Like other European countries, the United Kingdom has registered an increase in the number of infections, which has caused some restrictions to resume and increased interest in a vaccine.

The British government has already ordered tens of millions of vaccines for various programs, such as the one led by the University of Oxford and the AstraZeneca laboratory, without being sure of the success of the research.

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