Ukrainian reports how diet practically eliminated her problem with acne


The young Mariia Bilenka reveals that during adolescence she lived hiding with shame of the amount of acne on her face. The 23-year-old Ukrainian came to see several doctors and undergo various treatments before achieving an effective result against the problem.

“Suffering from acne for 10 years has caused me a lot of problems throughout my life. My self-esteem was extremely low and I had no confidence in myself, especially when it came to boys and relationships. I thought no one would like me, ”he says.

Bilenka went to dermatologists and doctors from other specialties to try to reduce acne, which even appeared on her neck. After three types of antibiotics and birth control pills, she thought the problem had no solution, since all the prescription drugs had no effect. That was when she discovered that the problem was with her food.

“I lost a lot while growing up because of the severity of my acne. I always missed classes at school, I didn’t go to the gym or my dance classes. I never tried the activities I wanted to do and I didn’t go out with my friends ”, he laments.

Mariia says that she consumed sweets in large quantities and had difficulty controlling herself in front of a chocolate bar, as well as packages of cookies.

When the young woman was warned by a doctor about her diet, the Ukrainian decided to change her eating habits and extinguish the chocolate of her life. After a year, Mariia had excellent results, with an almost complete decrease in acne or inflammation.


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