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MOLDE (VG) (Molde-Bodø / Glimt 4–2) Glimt captain Ulrik Saltnes had to (almost) smile a little from the way Bodø / Glimt lost their first match of the season: – Tragicomic, yes completely comedy night, Saltnes told VG after the club first league loss since December last year.

Molde cut the Glimt lead to 16 points when they gave the supreme league leader the first loss of the season on Saturday night. This is Rosenborg’s record from 2010 (undefeated in all 30 matches).

20 games without a loss (18 wins, two draws) stopped the line for Kjetil Knutsen’s team. It was not a direct surprise, all the time Knutsen for the first time this season had to make a number of changes.

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– It is clear that it does something with the dynamics. But I do not use it as an excuse, because this was ruined by personal mistakes. Our loss quota was used tonight, says Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen to VG – where he for once had to explain a loss, not another show of Bodø / Glimt.

– We can handle that, says Knutsen.

– Did you think that it would be possible to go through the season without a loss?

– I did not think so. But I thought we should bring something from Molde. But it was twisted with all the mistakes, the Glimt boss answers.

Glimt has played with almost the same team in all matches this season. Against Molde, five of the regulars were out: Jens Petter Hauge (sold), players in quarantine (Sampsted and Fet) and players with injuries (Lode and Zinckernagel) made it not as easy for Glimt in this match.

In addition, the opponent had done his homework. It took almost half an hour before Glimt got key player Ulrik Saltnes involved.

Then there was also scoring, Glimt took the lead by young Sebastian Tounekti, but the foreplay was Saltnes. Saltnes was good the times he got involved, such as before the reduction to 2-4. But it happened too rarely. Molde highlighted one of Glimt’s most important players – with success.

And Molde were motivated, and at times good.

That the distance is 16 points, Molde coach Erling Moe does not want to say is “embarrassing”. Instead, he promises that the distance will be much shorter in 2021.

– Honestly, I doubt that Glimt will be so great next year. But we have to applaud what they have done this season. They are extremely stable, says Molde coach Erling Moe to VG.

– It was a deserved victory, it flowed well today, says the course’s best at Aker Stadium, Magnus Wolff Eikrem to Eurosport.

– On a normal day, we had avoided these setbacks. We are affected by them, even though we tried to come back, says Ulrik Saltnes.

But for most people’s favorite of the season, it’s almost embarrassing that the distance is as great as 16 points as nine league games remain of the Elite Series 2020. Molde kept up in 10 games. Then Glimt said thank you for the entourage, and left in a way we have not seen in a while in the Elite Series. At the same time, Erling Moe’s pre-favorites got a little redress on Saturday night, much thanks to cruel goalkeeper play from Glimt’s Russian goalkeeper Nikita Haikin.

– It’s just to apologize, because it’s my fault and my responsibility. But this situation means that I will be stronger, Haikin says to Eurosport.

At the position 2-1 to Molde, he made two big mistakes in the first seven minutes of the second half. And even an offensive-thinking Glimt, whose strength has been that they can stand to lose in matches without it playing such a big role, it got heavy at 4-1 to Molde. Magnus Wolff pushed the equalizer to 1-1, while Ohi walked through an empty Glimt defense and shot Molde in the lead, before goalkeeper Haikin betrayed Eirik Hestad 3-1 and then released a medium shot from Wolff Eikrem below him to 4-1 Molde .

There was one reduction, and thus Bodø / Glimt still need – in theory five or six victories in the last nine matches. It requires the teams behind to win all the matches, and they hardly do. Several of them, Molde, RBK and Kristiansund, will also meet during the last nine matches.

In practice, two or three victories are enough before Ulrik Saltnes and Patrick Berg can call themselves league champions.

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