UnB and NY University join Covid-19 plasma research


The Covid-19 convalescent plasma study carried out in partnership by the University of Brasília (UnB), Fundação Hemocentro de Brasília and the Secretariat of Health joined an international consortium of researchers. The goal is to speed up the analysis of data on possible treatment for the new coronavirus.

As explained by the coordinator of the study in DF, professor André Nicola, from the Faculty of Health of UnB, the initiative came from the University of New York (NYU, in its acronym in English). The name of the project in Portuguese would be Continuous Monitoring of International Trials of Convalescent Plasma Sets for Inpatients with Covid-19, or Compile, in English.

“Right now, seven groups of researchers from different parts of the world participate,” says Nicola. They are scholars from places like Holland and China, and they all seek to understand how plasma recovered from Covid-19 can help those who are still sick.

“The data is sent and then analyzed centrally by this laboratory at NYU, which uses mathematical strategy”, explains Nicola. Although the exam is done in the United States, Brazilian researchers are free to continue exploring the results autonomously.

New York University researcher Eva Petrova, a Compile participant, told the Metropolises that, to find effective treatments and eventually vaccines against Covid-19, the only option is to partner. “The way the pandemic evolves shows that no institution, or even a single country, will gather enough information and high quality data to understand in real time which therapies are effective”, he stresses.

For Eva, the reconciliation of the experience of several different places makes the initiative much more powerful, since it is possible to observe the variation in treatment in different populations. She points out that the project will be ready as soon as convincing evidence of the results of all the participating research combined comes up.

Nicola also believes that the partnership between UnB and UNY empowers the work done in partnership in DF.

The study

The research carried out in the DF wants to find out if the blood plasma of people already cured of the coronavirus helps in the recovery of patients in the moderate stage of the disease. The purpose of the study is to test the treatment of inpatients at the Regional Hospital of Asa Norte (Hran).

The result on whether the method is effective or not should take a few months to come out.



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