Understand the risk of covid-19 at different social gatherings


Researchers at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States have created a table that helps to understand the risk of catching covid-19 at different social events, according to the capacity and the physical characteristics of the environments.

The study published in the scientific journal The BMJ also considers the use of masks, the length of stay in the place and even if people are silent, talking or shouting.

It turned out that in poorly ventilated places where, by nature, people speak louder or sing, as in a karaoke or bar, for example, the risk is considered high, even if these people wear a mask.

These findings on viral fluid dynamics, according to the scientists, help to explain why in a choral practice in the United States, a symptomatic person has infected at least 32 other singers, despite the physical distance.

Similar cases have been reported in health clubs, boxing matches, call centers and churches, where people can sing, gasp or speak loudly.

Indoor or outdoor locations

The researchers reinforce that closed places without ventilation should be avoided in general. Even with low occupancy and with all people wearing a mask and in silence, the risk is moderate.

If people remain silent in the same place, but are without a mask, the chances of getting covid-19 are high. This, considering that the contact time between people is prolonged.

On the other hand, meetings in live and ventilated places are safer. See the table below:covid-19 risk table

This study also dealt with the minimum distance of 2 meters to prevent further infections. The authors argue that this rule is outdated and cannot be considered safe in the case of covid-19.

According to them, this minimum distance is based on findings from 1800, with previous viruses and does not apply to coronavirus, whose transmission is much more complex.

Read more details at this link.

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