Unemployment breaks record in the pandemic and reaches 14 million – News


The number of unemployed in Brazil increased by 700 thousand people and reached 14 million in the last week of September, the highest level in the historical series, which started in May.

The data are in Pnad Covid19 (National Household Sample Survey – Pnad Covid19), released this Friday (16th) by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

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The survey takes into account the period between 20 and 26 September. The unemployment rate of the economically active population in Brazil was 14.4%. At the previous week, the country had 13.3 million unemployed – number that represented a rate of 13.7% of the economically active population.

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The survey also shows that more people were unemployed in September than at the beginning of May, when the IBGE survey began. At the time, 9.8 million Brazilians were in this situation.

“Although the information on unemployment has been stable in the weekly comparison, it suggests that more people are putting pressure on the market in search of work, amid the easing of social distance measures and the resumption of economic activities”, says the research coordinator , Maria Lucia Vieira.

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The number of employed persons remained stable between one week and another. According to the survey, the country’s employed population was 83 million. In the previous week, there were 83.7 million. In comparison with the beginning of May (83.9 million people), the number also remained stable.

Absence from work

Like unemployment, the share of the employed population, but who are away from work, is lower than that observed in early May. According to the IBGE, 3.3% of this contingent, about 2.7 million people, were away from work due to social distance in the fourth week of September. In the first week of the survey, from 3 to 9 May, it was 19.8%.

The population that is employed, but not removed from work, estimated at 77.9 million people, retreated slightly compared to the previous week (78.2 million), but increased compared to the beginning of May (63.9 million) .

Among these people, 7.9 million, about 10.2% of the employed population and not on leave, worked remotely, in the home office. This number did not change significantly between the third (7.8 million or 10.0%) and the fourth week of September. In relation to the first week of May, there was stability in absolute numbers (8.6 million) and decrease in percentage (13.4%).

Social isolation plummets

Pnad Covid19 also reveals that the number of people who were strictly isolated fell, while the number of Brazilians who did not adopt any restriction measures increased compared to the previous week.

According to the IBGE, the number of Brazilians who completely abandoned social isolation grew 937 thousand in one week and reached 7.4 million. The number of people who claim to maintain strict social isolation was 31.6 million. In the previous week, there were 33.8 million.

The contingent of people who stayed at home and left only out of necessity remained stable and reached 84.7 million, equivalent to 40% of the population. In the previous week, the figure was 84.4 million, about 39.9%.

The number of people who reduced contact but continued to leave the house and / or received visits (86.7 million or 41.0%) was stable compared to the previous week (85.7 million or 40.5%).

The IBGE also informed that the disclosure of this Friday (16) was the last weekly bulletin about the impacts of the covid-19 in the country. The institute said that data collection by telephone will continue, but will serve to subsidize monthly issues of the survey, which are expected to continue until the end of the year.


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