Unemployment was the biggest consequence of the pandemic for Algarve tourism


Questioned by journalists in Sagres, at the end of their last visit to all municipalities in the Algarve in the context of pandemic of covid-19 and reflections on tourism in the region, in balance, the President revealed himself even more optimistic than when you started this tour in May.

“One looks at the unemployment figures in the Algarve and it is by far the region in the country where unemployment rose the most, due to the stop in tourism”, revealed Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

“There is aspects positive and aspects positive results, with a better balance than I thought it would be in June, but obviously it falls far short of what it was in previous years and what we want for the following years “, he said.

Enumerating the various aspects pointed out with less positive the fact “of the market britican, but after others in a less sensitive way, there have been advances and retreats “and these retreats have meant” in many cases, a stop in an evolution that was frankly encouraging “.

Less positive as well, the notion that “pandemic will be longer “, what if reflects, said that “mayors, The sector tourism, bosses and workers “, already affirm that they will have to deal with this reality” until the end of spring. “

In a more positive light, the President revealed that he found in the Algarve a “unity between mayors“who converged” from the start and without exception to date in the strategy to to adopt against pandemic“.

The possibility of the existence of a “bridge between central administration and local power” was something he found in the region, which “does not always happen”, he stressed.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa pointed out that when he started these visits, he was starting from “zero or almost zero” and an improvement was possible “in some cases more positive than in others”, but “generally superior to what was expected in May“.

The President highlighted the fact that “a part of that positive evolution was not lost, even with the natural breaks at the end of August, September in October“.

“Despite everything, there is a dynamic that has been established in many municipalities that has been established and that continues, weaker than in August, but that continues “, he pointed out.

The last positive point pointed out by the President, was what he classified as “a great response” on the part of Portuguese tourists on their trip to the Algarve, which “continues to exist, even with the end of the summer”.

This last visit, like the previous 15, ended with a working dinner with the President with all mayors Algarve.

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