‘Unfortunately, there is this feminist movement’, says Robinho


In an exclusive interview with UOL, in which he spoke for about 40 minutes, the player Robinho, sentenced to 9 years in prison by the Italian Justice for sexual violence, stated that “unfortunately, there is a feminist movement”. The attacker also reaffirmed that he is innocent, and that he did nothing with the woman without her consent. This was the first interview Robinho gave about his sentencing sentence.

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Robinho also stated that he does not remember everything that happened in the early hours of January 22, 2013 and criticized what he calls “lack of context” in excerpts from the sentence shown in a Globo Esporte report.

Credit: Playback / InstagramRobinho: “unfortunately, there is a feminist movement”

“I didn’t have sex with her, no. We had a relationship between a man and a woman, relationships that a man has with a woman, but there was no sexual relationship, no penetration, nothing like that ”, said the player.

“When I left, the boys stayed there with her consent. So, like this: I am defending myself. The boys, if they did anything to her, I can’t speak for them. I know what I did to her and with her consent, understand? So, this is what happened ”, he added.

In another part of the interview, Robinho criticized the feminist movement: “Unfortunately, there is this feminist movement. Many women are sometimes not even women, to speak clear Portuguese (…) I am not pretty, I am married to my wife, but if I go out on the street, and the woman says: ‘Hi, beautiful, delicious’, there are a connotation. If I mess with you with a lack of respect, it’s totally different, ”he said.

See more details about the interview on UOL’s website.

Reporting sexual harassment or rape

Harassment of women involves a series of offensive conduct against sexual dignity that disrespect their freedom and physical, moral or psychological integrity. Remember: where there is no consent, there is harassment! It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear, how you dance or how many and which people you decide to kiss (or not to kiss): none of these circumstances authorize or justify harassment.

Technically, according to the Penal Code, sexual harassment is one that occurs where there are hierarchical relationships between the victim and the harasser. As a rule, it is that which occurs in labor relations, that is, the harasser is the employer or boss and the employee is the harassed. The invasive acts that take place on the street and in other public spaces, usually among strangers, and which we popularly call “sexual harassment”, configure, in general, the newly created crime of sexual harassment.

However, the violence that occurs on the streets can constitute crimes other than harassment. When there are verbal offenses, for example, the crime of injury is characterized. In addition to configuring crimes, the same acts can have consequences in the civil sphere, generating a duty of indemnity.

See how to report cases like this here.

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