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With a new hospital in operation from March of next year, the company already plans to reinforce its staff and will open a selection in November; candidates can now send resumes

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The inauguration of the new Hospital Unimed Vale do Sinos, scheduled for March 5, 2021, is also expected with anticipation by those who dream of joining the cooperative’s staff. And those interested, by the way, can get ready. The selection process starts in November, but it is already possible to send resumes.

Initially, 150 direct vacancies will be opened, a number that in the future should reach 500, in addition to another 400 indirectly generated jobs. Very expressive numbers that include health professionals to support functions. ” We are structured to receive these new people, train them with our culture, quality of service provision and the Unimed Care Way. Certainly they will be our differentials in the services provided ”, highlights the cooperative president, Luis Carlos Melo.

In fact, the hiring process for selecting employees according to the desired profile involves a series of criteria that start with the selection of resumes and go much further. There will be, for example, evidence of technical knowledge, psychological assessment and interviews.

For contractors, training will be one of the highlights of the entire selection process. The chosen ones start working on February 1, 2021. The idea is that they will be trained for 30 days according to the culture of Unimed Vale do Sinos so that only afterwards they will be effectively placed in their functions.

The 150 vacancies initially planned may still undergo some kind of change. Is that Unimed Vale do Sinos will also do internal recruitment to value its current employees and give them the opportunity to compete for jobs in the new structure. Thus, opening of selection for other positions and units may occur, always taking into account the established in the strategic planning. ” Being a national reference in Health management is an objective that is being built with very solid structures to guarantee the success of this enterprise. With this we also bring to Novo Hamburgo the focus on health, which will be of great importance for the region ”, adds Melo.

How to apply

The selection process starts in November, but those interested can already register their resumes using one of three ways:

Option 1
Send the curriculum through the website da Unimed Vale do Sinos nto area I want to be a collaborator (click here)

Option 2
Place the curriculum in the ballot boxes located at these addresses:

  • Tupi Street, number 975, Rio Branco neighborhood, in front of the Emergency Room
  • Rua Waldemar Geib, number 76, Canudos neighborhood, next to Hospital Unimed

Option 3
Email to [email protected]

The psychologists of Unimed Vale do Sinos will select the resumes according to the requirements of each position and make contact with candidates by WhatsApp or phone call.

Candidates will pass tests of technical knowledge, psychological assessment, individual interview and interview with the leadership, in addition to medical examinations.


Unimed Vale do Sinos considers that all its employees must have essential skills:

Self development

The cooperative stresses that its employees need: “caring, caring, cordiality, attention and love for others“These points fall into what is considered the”Way to Care Unimed Vale do Sinos“.

In the selection process, the company wants to make sure that the candidates have a personal purpose that must be aligned with the cooperative’s purpose, in addition to the technical knowledge needed for the positions.

New vacancies will be opened in the second stage

After the first stage, which provides for the hiring of at least 150 people, there will be a second wave of reinforcement in the staff in 2022, when the renovation of the existing hospital is completed. With that, the entire structure of the complex will be operational.

Connected by a footbridge, the two buildings will have complementary specialties, so that they can serve the entire health chain, from small to high complexity.

In addition, indirect jobs will be created as of 2021 with the extension of service contracts, many of which already exist. These are legal entity contracts that involve the supply of products and services.


It is important to know that the vacancies will not necessarily be for the new hospital, but for all sectors and units of Unimed, since many current employees must be relocated to the new structure.


October 30, 2020
Delivery of the work and start of internal assembly;

February 01, 2021
New employees start to work;

March 5, 2021
Opening date of the new Hospital Unimed!


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