Union and Apcef / SP demand suspension of the contract with Verocard


About to complete three months of credit with the Verocard banner, Caixa employees are still unable to use their meal and food cards in many establishments. The restrictions are even greater in the meal variant, and some bankers report that they have already given up using it.

Faced with the problem, the Union and Apcef / SP charged Caixa again. This time, in a meeting with the São Paulo Institutional Regional Superintendence, this Friday 16th, the workers’ representatives demanded the immediate suspension of the contract with Verocard.

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In a past meeting, the company’s management compared the discontent of employees with the previous change of flag for Alelo.

“The difference is that Alelo was a new company, which in just a few months gained market share. Verocard has existed for 16 years and it is clear that if in all this time it did not grow, it is not because of the contract with Caixa that it will be accepted in more establishments ”, says Caixa union and banking director Tamara Siqueira.

Disrespect for employees and neglect of life

Caixa’s bidding started on the exact same day that the pandemic was decreed in Brazil: March 11th. During the process, a company competing with Verocard even mentioned the pandemic issue as a hindering factor for the fulfillment of the number of accredited establishments required by the notice.

Unbelievably, Verocard replied that it had no difficulty in this regard, even with the pandemic. Another renowned company with great acceptance in the market also appealed the bid, including offering the minimum fee necessary to be able to contract.

“All employees in the risk group for covid-19 are in their home office, and Caixa claims that it preserves their lives, but they are in the dilemma of leaving home to be able to buy food and run the risk of catching the virus , or let the balance accumulate and have to pay your expenses with the salary because Verocard is not accepted in any delivery application and no online establishment ”, emphasizes Tamara.

In addition, until the beginning of October, their cards didn’t even have technology for payments via the app. Verocard claims that companies are not opening space to negotiate, and there is no deadline to meet this urgent demand in this situation.


If, on the one hand, the number of accredited does not increase substantially, bankers’ complaints are abundant. The Union opened a channel for employees to report: it received more than 250 reports. In a quick consultation on the Reclame Aqui website, it is also possible to identify many Caixa employees receiving standardized and evasive responses.

The main problems pointed out by bankers involve establishments that are listed as accredited but that, in fact, do not accept the flag – some, even, verified by the Union; indications made in which Verocard does not make contact and / or does not give any feedback; and establishments that are not accredited because the fee charged by Verocard is much higher than that of other cards. In addition, it is common for company responses to be in a not very professional tone.

“In view of the evidence that Vercocard is unable to serve Caixa employees, the Union will forward a letter to Vipes (People’s Vice-Presidency) and Geber (head office responsible for the management of food and meal vouchers) demanding the suspension of contract. In case of refusal, the letter will also charge the reason for the continuation of the contract with the company ”, says Tamara.


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