United States to re-execute a woman after 67 years


THEThe United States will execute two more people this year, one of whom is a woman, something that has not happened for 67 years since 1953.

The execution of Lisa Montgomery, who was sentenced to death for strangling a pregnant woman and stealing her baby in 2004, is scheduled for 8 December. According to the US Department of Justice, Lisa Montgmery receive a injection lethal, in an Indiana penitentiary, quotes The Guardian and the CNN.

The last woman to be executed by the US government was Bonnie Brown Heady, in December 1953, for kidnapping and murder.

Montgomery’s execution will be the Justice Department’s eighth this year. The ninth execution will be that of Brandon Bernard, who was convicted of the murder of two young priests in Texas in 1999. The execution by injection lethal is scheduled for 10 December.

The executions of people sentenced to death by federal courts resumed on 13 July in the United States, after 17 years of interruption.

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