UOL / FIA Online week on investments starts on Monday; see agenda – 10/18/2020


Want to get out of savings, but need more solid knowledge to make good and secure decisions about your money? Helping you to invest better is the goal of Futuros Investidores week, jointly promoted by FIA Online, UOL Economia + and UOL EdTech.

The event has a daily schedule and runs from Monday (19) to Friday (23). It is 100% free, with classes and mini-lectures completely online. The week entitles you to a FIA Online certificate for those who participate in all three classes in the FIA ​​Online virtual room. Here’s how to sign up for free.

See the schedule:

19/10 (Monday)

  • 8:00 am: nanotalk with Tito Gusmão founder and CEO at the digital broker Warren Brasil, former partner of XP. Theme: Start Investing

10/20 (Tuesday)

  • 8 am: class with Murilo Pascoal, CEO of Beach Park and president of Sindepat (Integrated System of Parks and Tourist Attractions). Theme: Management and Administration in Times of Crisis
  • 8 am: nanotalk with Flávia Ávila, founder of the consultancy InBehavior Lab and master in Behavioral Economics. Theme: Behavioral Economics

10/21 (Wednesday)

  • 8 am: class with Louise Barsi, founder of Actions Guarantee the Future and daughter of “Stock Exchange billionaire” Luiz Barsi. Theme: The Barsi Method of Investing – Variable Income
  • 8am: nanotalk with Marcos Piellusch, consultant and professor of finance at FIA-Labfin Provar – Theme: Valuation

22/10 (quinta)

  • 8 am: class with Carlos Eduardo Furlanetti, doctor in administration from FEA / USP, telecommunications executive and vice president of Ibevar (Brazilian Institute of Retail & Consumer Market Executives). Theme: Business & Finance and Summary
  • 12:30 pm: live panel with Luciana Seabra, CEO of the analytical house Spiti, and José Roberto Securato, professor at FIA. Theme: Low Interest and Investments: Challenges and Opportunities for Brazilians

10/23 (Friday)

  • 8 am: nanotalk with Carlos Honorato, master and PhD from FEA / USP and commentator for GloboNews. Theme: The History of Currency – From the origin to Bitcoin

UOL Economia + is a premium financial guidance service launched in August to help readers get out of savings and invest their money better and safely.

FIA Online, chosen three times as the best business school, has professors who are prominent in their fields, responsible for training executives and with business experience.

UOL EdTech is the UOL Group company that develops technological platforms and digital learning experiences for distance education.

Access the Futuros Investidores website and sign up for free.

This material is for information purposes only and is not an investment recommendation. Risk applications are subject to losses. Profitability in the past does not guarantee future profitability.


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