Update on Gears 5 lets you put Dave Bautista in place of Marcus Phoenix


Play the Gears 5 campaign accompanied by Drax, the destroyer on the Xbox Series S and X

Gears 5 will receive a generous update to prepare for the next generation of Xbox, which can be played on Xbox Series S e Xbox Series X with more performance and other news. To promote some of the new features, the Coalition released a new trailer for IGN, where it is also revealed that players will be able to transform Marcus Phoenix into Dave Bautista in the game’s campaign.

Bautista already appears as a character for multiplayer, creatively called “Batista”. But, after the update, it will be possible to choose from the options to replace him with Phoenix. It’s like a skin, but the character’s lines are also interpreted by the actor, for the complete experience.

Perhaps this is an interesting way to encourage players to try the campaign again, as the update also brings a way New Game+ with two new difficulty options: Inconceivable and Ironman. The first makes the game even more difficult, while the second is basically a mode permadeath for the game.

The big update for Gears 5 arrives on the day November 10, along with the launch of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, the next generation of Xbox. Playing the game on the new consoles, players will also be able to enjoy various technical increments.

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One of the most striking is that Gears 5 will run at 120fps in the new generation for multiplayer. Not only on Xbox Series X, but also on Xbox Series S.

The trailer promises even more content for Gears arriving on November 10 with the update, but does not specify which.

We also know that Gears 5 will receive at least one more story DLC later this year, in December. The extra content is called Hivebusters and will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series. It will be 3 to 4 hours long, but we don’t have more details on the extra content yet. This information will be revealed in December as well.

Source: IGN


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