Urologist talks about the importance of touch exam


“I realize that men are more enlightened. This prejudice with the touch exam is silly and early screening can save a life ”.

Dr. Benedito Assis Bottene, a urologist at the Hospital de Caridade São Vicente de Paulo (HSV), speaks about male health care and the premature detection of prostate cancer.

The topic is widely addressed this month, through the worldwide awareness campaign, Blue November. The movement draws attention to the subject, which is still taboo when it comes to the tests needed to identify the disease.

“Touch is a complementary exam to a blood test, in addition to being simple, quick and painless. The number of men seeking health care has increased and this is a major advance. The sooner the patient is diagnosed, the closer he gets to healing. Screening is indicated for men over 50 and the highest incidence is in patients over 70. The orientation is that people with cases in first-degree relatives, such as parents, siblings or grandparents, should redouble their attention and, in this situation , the exams must be carried out from 45 years old ”, explains Dr. Benedito.


According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), the estimate is that by the end of 2020, 65 thousand new cases have been registered. Among the symptoms are difficulty in urinating, the presence of blood in the urine and weak or interrupted urine flow. “Hospital São Vicente offers the complete treatment of prostate cancer. In addition to the surgical procedure called radical prostatectomy, the institution also has hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Active surveillance is carried out at the specialty clinic. The work we do is excellent ”, praises the urologist.

Currently, 300 patients undergo hormone therapy and 29 are undergoing radiation therapy. At the institution, an average of 70 patients are operated annually.

“It is a slow disease, often silent, just like breast cancer. Prostate cancer is second only to skin cancer in the mortality rate among men in Brazil. Even so, the chance of a cure is very big, so it is important to spread the word ”, evidences Bottene.

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